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MARCE, formerly known as Microsoft Anna reads Computer Errors, is a text-to-speech series created by that green neko. Very much like nkrs200's series, MARCE follows a storyline-based format, and each season has a unique storyline involving introductions of new characters.

The series has had multiple refreshes over the years. that green neko (formerly Toadlover) normally likes to think of the refreshes as entirely different series, despite them being iterations of the same series.


MARCE is about a humanoid female named Anna, who seems to live a normal everyday life in Greenbridge, reading computer error messages that make her laugh, cry, and jump out of her seat. When she's not reading errors, she either lives her life like an everyday person, or she goes on a huge exploit that usually involves taking down a villain.

MARCE 2014

Microsoft Anna reads Computer Errors, codenamed MARCE 2014, was the very first version of MARCE. As the name implies, it debuted in June of 2014. It was also highly inspired by the style of nkrs200's Funny Windows Errors and GWizard777's HUGE Windows Errors series. This version of the series managed to last nearly 3 seasons.

Season 1

Season 1 aired sometime in June. As expected, Anna was the main star of the show. And she was reading errors. In Episode 5, the story actually began to develop. Anna's friends, Mike, Mary, and Sam, were kidnapped by a villain named General Malicious, who was an earlier version of Kriton Malicious. But Anna quickly beat Malicious via a match in Puyo Puyo VS 2. Thus, Anna's friends were saved.

Season 2

Season 2, airing later in 2014, was much more dramatic (and inconsistent, for that matter) than Season 1. In Episode 3, Anna was kidnapped by a young girl in a purple hoodie who had an insane obsession with Animal Jam; named AnimalJamFan1009. She woke up in the young girl's space station in Episode 4, proceeding to threaten her. After AnimalJamFan sent Anna lower in her space station, distracting her with errors. While Anna was being distracted, AnimalJamFan had mysteriously disappeared and was overthrown by another child who had different intentions with Anna. In Episode 6, it was revealed that the young kid, Eleethazorz1337, was trying to lure Anna to him again to proclaim his truly mad love with Anna. It had also been revealed that he kidnapped Mike and Mary, and turned them into robot slaves. Fortunately, Mike was able to fight it and was on Anna's side. After Eleet lured Anna and Mike to the bridge of the space station, Anna had challenged him and the possessed Mary to a series of battles in Puyo Puyo VS 2. After Anna and Mike won, Mary got one of the Puyos stuck in her circuitry from the battle. This malfunction caused her to shift into a failsafe mode, rebooting with her factory settings. She defied her master, Eleet, and angrily pressed a button on Eleet's control panel, which charged up and fired a huge laser at the Earth, destroying it and the rest of the solar system via a domino effect. Everyone was devastated. Where were they going to go from there?

Season 3

Season 3 premiered in February of 2015. The first episode involved two survivors from the Earth's destruction, David and Hazel, gathering parts to create a machine that would bring back earth while Anna read errors. Unfortunately, this season was never completed past the first episode.

MARCE 2016

MARCE 2016, unfittingly, premiered in May of 2015, but was codenamed because this series ended in the infamous year of 2016. It was also the most disappointing series of MARCE ever.

Season 1

Season 1 aired in May of 2015, with Episodes 1 and 4 being the original versions from 2014. The story was very lazily thought out and was not consistent whatsoever. In Episode 3, the only story that had developed was that Eleethaxorz1337 had tricked Anna into coming to a fake show as a practice for luring her to him. In Episode 5, an old villain named Darklover was revived on accident in a laboratory. But Anna had gotten into a huge fight with Max Andrew, distracting herself from the events at hand. Eventually, Anna had found herself with Max Andrew fighting non-stop in Puyo Puyo VS 2 once again. Until Anna had suddenly discovered that Darklover and Eleet had created evil, demented versions of the four concepts of Toadlover404 himself, and is sending them to kill Anna. Eventually, in Episode 6, Anna was killed by two of the demonic versions of Toad... But it turned out to be a dream, and that the one who was truly dead was Microsoft David. In Episode 7, for no explainable reason, Anna and her friends went camping in a forest, and two of the demented Toads followed her. But during two-thirds of the episode, the demented Toads and Anna were only stalling and wasting time. But then, during Anna's usual error reading, Anna was challenged by the two Toads to a Puyo Puyo Tetris match. Anna won, and the two Toads were returned back to normal. It was eventually found out that the two Toads were actually being controlled by Darklover... But Darklover died again after he was beaten in said match. The world was saved once again.

Season 2

Season 2 premiered on February 2nd, 2016. It heavily involved time travel and Inklings. In Episode 1, Anna met a purple female inkling named Ahead, who wielded a weapon called a Scripted Hammer. With the means to protect Anna, Ahead took her to a time machine that was hidden in the studio, and took her to a safe time... Or so she thought. In Episode 2, Anna and Ahead landed in a doomsday scenario, the date being November 28th, 2014. Eventually, Anna and Ahead were kidnapped by an earlier version of Microsoft Sam, who took them up to the space station owned by a certain young girl. The series was canceled from there, and we never knew what happened.

Holiday Specials

MARCE 2016 was also known for its many holiday specials. These were non-canon, short episodes of MARCE that all shared the same gag: An object related to the holiday exploding.

MARCE 2017

MARCE 2017 is the codename for the modern version of MARCE you know and love today. Of course, it premiered on February 19th of 2017. This version, unlike the previous two, was inspired more by SamJoe404. This version of MARCE offered new jokes, new designs for each character, and a more consistent and linear type of storyline.

Season 1 - "Virus Weekend"

Season 1 was the best first season of MARCE ever created. It had one consistent story and gathered the most views out of both first seasons. It premiered on February 19th, 2017, with no prior trailers, teasers, or consultations. The story started in Episode 2 when Scotty mysteriously passed out while Anna was reading errors. In Episode 3, Sam had diagnosed Scotty with an incurable virus called a Deadlock Virus. After getting through an error-reading blockade, Anna called Sam's cousin, Microsoft Sam 5, to see if he can cure Scotty's Deadlock Virus. In Episode 4, Sam 5 confessed that he was incapable of curing the virus... Until he found out he was wrong, and that there existed a cure for the Deadlock Virus. Sam decided to set out into the Internet Dimension with Anna and Mike, to go into somebody's computer to get the cure: A file named Deadlockvirusundo.exe. As they nearly began their expedition, they found an old Cybercarrier holding robots. Sam decided to clumsily turn on one of the robots. After discovering that the robot was friendly, Sam turned on the rest of the robots in the Cybercarrier. None of them seemed to know why they were in the Cybercarrier, so Anna looked at a supercomputer within the cargo bay, looking at one particular video log that was stored. After playing the video, Anna discovered that these robots were the SamJoe404 characters, being sent out simply because SamJoe didn't want them anymore. After Sam had decided that three of the robots, SJ Sam, SJ Mike, and Lawrence would be good additions to the team, Anna had discussed the plan to find a cure for a Deadlock Virus. SJ Mike reluctantly went with the plan. After the group of six went into the computer past barricades such as a firewall, they were ambushed and trapped by the computer's antivirus, Sparkle. They were going to be deleted in fifteen minutes. After SJ Sam tried to run an administrator command to free everybody, they were pulled back by Sparkle immediately and denied access. After everyone panicked for about seven minutes, SJ Sam finally got an idea and decided to stun Sparkle with an electric bomb and bail himself and his friends with an elevated administrator-level command. Little did they know, Sparkle had another trick up her sleeve. After they escaped, Sparkle quickly gave Anna an image of her future. The vision traumatized her. SJ Mike quickly deleted Sparkle and ordered everyone to get out of the computer, since the cure file was converted into physical form. After the six went into the real world again, they ran into a familiar villain: Kriton Malicious. It was confirmed that Kriton was the one that created the virus, to turn Scotty into the perfect slave and killing machine. It was also revealed that Bernard, Billy, and Harry were also working for Kriton this whole time. Bernard took his chance to immediately knock out Anna with his Instant Death Lazer Cannon, to make sure that Anna didn't interfere with Kriton's plans to enslave the world any longer. In Episode 7, Anna was taken to a lovely place called Cyberhaven by a red cursor named Cylmar, who also told Anna about the fate of her friends and home city. Anna, intent on changing the future, ordered Cylmar to send her back to the moment before she got shot, so she could use her regeneration energy to overpower the blast from Bernard's Instant Death Lazer Cannon and destroy Bernard with both the energy from her blast and the recoil from his own cannon. She was sent back, and performed her plan, completely obliterating Bernard. After that, Harry took his brother's cannon and knocked out Kriton for it, as revenge. Eventually, Lawrence turned Kriton in, and the five friends made their way back to the Microsoft Residence. Since Anna had disappeared, Sam was going to be the one who read errors. And he was... For a short time. Anna eventually came back after Sam and SJ Sam read errors.

In the final scene of Season 1, Anna was dreaming about a mysterious woman with black hair in a ponytail, and who wore a blue dress. After Anna woke up, she muttered one word. "Mom...?"

It is unknown whether or not we will see meaning in that scene.

Season 2 Speculations

  • There were rumors going around that Toadlover404 (now that green neko) will be collaborating with TheROFL98 for the entirety of Season 2. In fact, those rumors became true when he announced on a stream that his channel would now be called "Green Neko Productions", and that he'll not only be working with TheROFL98, but he'll also work with Elite Four Elijah and CoolDude503. There could be more members at some point and the team will expand and in that green neko's own words while responding to Kenstertube, he doesn't know when and how much. [1].
  • The newly sparked 'Colors' mystery in select Discord servers indicates that there may be seven new characters related to the colors light-blue, grey, orange, yellow, purple, pink, and red.
    • The new characters may be based on liquid traits.


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