List of Series

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This is a list of series categorized by creator.

These are the series created by Thunderbirds101. They are considered classics among the TTS community, and those series have spawned some of the longest-running jokes, like Mike talking like a lady.

These are the TTS series currently being maintained on the Green Neko Productions channel.

  • MARCE Chibi
  • Microsoft Anna's Minecraft Adventure
  • preMARCE
  • Microsoft Sam Fails
  • SamJam

These are the series created by TheAudio177 TTS




  • There are no upcoming series as of now.

TTS video series created by Mochirisu Productions.

Currently Airing:

Hiatus / Uncertain for a series:
  • Microsoft Sam Reads and Looks at Bad Splatoon 2 Posts (2018 - Present)
  • Microsoft Sam Reads Wacky Videogame Achievements (2019 so far)
  • Microsoft Sam Reads Funny and Strange Google Autocompletes (2017 so far)

  • ALTIBP (2017) -- Scrapped Original Run, (Fall 2019) -- Restart : : Sam and the gang try to get the Looney Tunes intro to play correctly

These are the series created by nTEXTtospeech.

Currently running

Canceled series

  • Microsoft Sam reads Confusing Signs
  • Microsoft Sam reads Unbelievable News
  • Microsoft Sam Plays Portal
  • Microsoft Sam Plays Portal 2
  • Microsoft Sam Plays Team Fortress 2
  • Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft (nTEXTtospeech TV)

TTS Series created by ShadowFrost Studios, otherwise known as Frost.