List of Series

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This is a list of series categorized by creator.

These are the series created by Thunderbirds101. They are considered classics among the TTS community, and those series have spawned some of the longest-running jokes, like Mike talking like a lady.

These are the TTS series currently being maintained on the Green Neko Productions channel.

  • MARCE Chibi
  • Microsoft Anna's Minecraft Adventure
  • preMARCE
  • Microsoft Sam Fails
  • SamJam

These are the series created by TheAudio177 TTS




  • There are no upcoming series as of now.

TTS video series created by Mochirisu Productions.

Currently Airing:

Hiatus / Uncertain for a series:
  • Microsoft Sam Reads and Looks at Bad Splatoon 2 Posts (2018 - Present)
  • Microsoft Sam Reads Wacky Videogame Achievements (2019 so far)
  • Microsoft Sam Reads Funny and Strange Google Autocompletes (2017 so far)

  • ALTIBP (2017) -- Scrapped Original Run, (Fall 2019) -- Restart : : Sam and the gang try to get the Looney Tunes intro to play correctly

Series created by the SOSOwner.
While unsuccessful, this creator has made some attempts at an original series.



  • Funny Signs (SOSOwner's Series) (2017/18)
  • Funny Errors and Signs (2019)
  • Project FEAS (2020)


These are the series created by nTEXTtospeech.

Currently running

Canceled series

  • Microsoft Sam reads Confusing Signs
  • Microsoft Sam reads Unbelievable News
  • Microsoft Sam Plays Portal
  • Microsoft Sam Plays Portal 2
  • Microsoft Sam Plays Team Fortress 2
  • Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft (nTEXTtospeech TV)

TTS Series created by ShadowFrost Studios, otherwise known as Frost.