Microsoft Sam (SAPI 4)

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Microsoft Sam
"This is a test for Speakonia." -Microsoft Sam (SAPI 4)
Screenshot 91.png
Microsoft Sam as shown in CFS-Technologies' Speakonia.
Voice Info
Aliases"Second Male Voice", "Sam", "Speakonia Sam" "SAPI 4 Sam"
Speech EngineSAPI 4 (WHISTLER Engine)
Default Speed150
Default Pitch100
Bundled OSWindows 2000
OS AvailabilityWindows Exclusive

Microsoft Sam (SAPI 4) is a TTS (Text-to-Speech) voice introduced in Windows 2000 with SAPI 4[1]. It is the most common voice used in the TTSC as it is widely available for download throughout the internet. Because this voice is available with Speakonia, it has gained the title of the "Speakonia Version" of Microsoft Sam. The Microsoft Sam voice as heard in Windows XP can be found at Microsoft Sam (SAPI 5).