Radioactive Diarrhea Flu

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Radioactive Diarrhea Flu was a virus created by Radar Overseer Scotty. The virus is deadly against those under 19, while anyone above that age is immune. Once contracted, the virus is curable via system restore.

Virus Composition

The virus itself is composed of small but dangerous amounts of Uranium-235 materials, as well as diarrhea from the Diarrhea Infested Toilet. Strangely, one would believe the virus is fatal due to the exposure to Uranium-235, however the virus was created in order to prevent death from such exposures.


  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of muscle control
  • Mutation into a zombie-like creature
  • Excessive urges to take a massive dump in a kettle and have explosive diarrhea and blow up the earth
  • Urges to kill those around them
  • Sudden urges to watch very bad horror movies
  • Urges to annoy Microsoft Sam by making him say stuff he can't say you are a fart
  • Mianical farting
  • Falling in love with Elsa
  • Increadible urge to look at Taylor Swift nude
  • Constant crapping

Virus Origins

The virus was first discovered by Microsoft Sam in Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (Thunderbirds101) (S7EP10). He learned that every IWAY Cookie was infected with this virus, thanks to Radar Overseer Scotty. How Scotty exactly infected the cookies is unknown. An enraged Sam attacked and brutally injured Scotty for his continued clumsiness. The video clearly warned everyone under the age of 19 would be doomed if they consumed IWAY Cookies. However, Thunderbirds101 is the only man under 19 who is immune to the virus, likely due to the fact he created the cookies.

As of April 2010, the cookies were free of the virus and declared safe to eat for all ages.

How to protect yourself against the Radioactive Diarrhea Flu

  • Take a ARDFV
  • Divide by 0
  • Constantly fart and piss in someones face
  • Visit this website everyday