Microsoft Billy Mays

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Microsoft Billy Mays is a character shared by various TTS video creators. He's either played by Microsoft Sam himself, or is a different character that uses his voice. He serves as a parody of Billy Mays, pitching (mostly) fictional products in mock infomercials.


  • Diarrhea Dump Deluge
  • Bottle of Air
  • Temporary File Transcoder
  • Friendly Taser
  • Seizure Remote
  • IWAY Cookies (made by IWAY Inc.)
  • Butt Massaging Toilet
  • WTF Train
  • Anti-NSA Software (resulted in him being sent to the NSA Jail)
  • Tacos
  • Michael Bay Button
  • Baloney Sandwich Incinerator
  • Chad Earthquake laxative drink
  • Computer Explosion Button (Seen in Joshua Rocha's series)
  • Food Incinerator
  • Cancel Explosion 6000
  • Anti-NSA Shield (resulted in him being sent to the NSA Jail again)
  • iTaco
  • Bacon Burning Microwave (Seen in SOSOwner's series)
  • IWAY CookiePops (made by IWAY Inc.)
  • Compact-Portable-Wireless-Universal-Poweroutlet (seen here as Microsoft Anthony Sullivan, Microsoft Billy May's alter ego)
  • User Interactivity (Used in nkrs200's, SOSOwner's, Thunderbirds101's, etc's. Series('))
  • PasteAll
  • Smart Tape
  • Food For All Food Generator (nTEXTtospeech)
  • ROFLcookies (RRFWE S2E2)
  • Thunderbird Tower Offices
  • Flex Diarrhea Dump Toilets (also presented by Microsoft Anthony Sullivan and presented by the all new Microsoft Phil Swift)