Microsoft Bob and Joe

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Microsoft Bob and Joe were two so-called outcast TTS (Text-To-Speech) voices. They were known for attacking Microsoft Sam constantly with the Really Sucky Virus. Joe first appeared at the end of Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors S3EP1, with Bob's first appearance being in S3EP3. The two would send more variants of the Really Sucky Virus to Microsoft Sam, causing the latter to have seizures at an alarming rate.

Microsoft Bob
Robot pirate 1.jpg
Microsoft Bob
TTS Voice:Adult Male #6 - American English (TB101)
Job:Assisting Microsoft Joe.
Status:Disguise deceased, true identity alive
Death:May 9, 2009
True identity:Radar Overseer Robert
Microsoft Joe
Robot pirate 2.jpg
Microsoft Joe
TTS Voice:Adult Male #1 - American English
Job:Virus creator/distributor
True identity:Radar Overseer Scotty
Status:Disguise Deceased, True Identity Alive

The Revelation

However, in S3EP5, after unleashing the Insanity variant of the virus, it was revealed that Microsoft Joe was in fact Radar Overseer Scotty. He murdered Microsoft Bob with a shotgun, and removed his Pirate costume. Scotty then proceeded to unleash a new strain of the virus on not just Sam, but on every Text-To-Speech voice in existence. Scotty would be killed in March 2010, by Microsoft Sam, only to be revived later.

Other notes

It is unclear whether Microsoft Bob was in disguise as well as Joe; however, it is assumed he was actually a genuine pirate. An unofficial continuation to Bob's story was made by BlittleMcNilsen, but it is not part of Thunderbirds101's canon. What is clear and certain is that he is dead.