Radar Overseer Alex

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Radar Overseer Alex is a radar overseer that succeeded Radar Overseer Scotty on the third episode of the eighth season of Thunderbirds101's Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors. This character was introduced by Bendyournoodle.

Debut - Funny Windows Errors (S8EP3)

Radar Overseer Alex made his debut in Episode 3 where he accidentally put some of Domingo0022's IWAY coffee into Sam's Coffee, resulting in him talking quite fast.

Radar Overseer Alex
Radar Overseer Alex.png
TTS VoiceLH Michael (Adult Male 1 - British English)
OccupationChief British Radar Overseer
Preceded byRadar Overseer Scotty
Succeeded byBritish Overseer Ellis
IntroducedMarch 27, 2010
BirthdayNot revealed at present
Birthplace:Sudbury, Suffork, United Kingdom

Critical Injury - Funny Windows Errors (S8EP7)

Radar Overseer Alex had his brains blown out by Microsoft Sam after he got a certain law appealed that prohibited Sam from shoving things up his anus. Alex was rushed off in a GFFLcopter, and into ROFL brain surgery where he had to get his brain repaired and it took a week to get his motor and body skills back. He made no further appearances in Funny Windows Errors.


Though his voice has a British accent, Alex despises baloney sandwiches and likes IWAY sandwiches. He lives in London, Great Britain.

Radar Overseer Alex in London, England.