Crazy Penguin Virus

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The Crazy Penguin Virus is a virus that debuted on WSAM0TV. It makes the user say gibberish with the Crazy Penguin when the computer mentions penguins or relates to penguins. It first struck Microsoft Sam while he was reviewing pictures on "Microsoft Sam Looks at Stupid Signs and Hillarious Pictures (S1 E4)". It infected emergencyranger88, but did not infect Thunderbirds101.

Forms of the Virus

  • Original: Makes the user say gibberish with the Crazy Penguin when the computer mentions penguins or relates to penguins, as mentioned above. Known on occasion to play at double the speed during a particularly deadly infection period.
  • Crazy Communist Rick Roll:happens when a person eats an unusually large burger, then taking a massive dump in a toilet. This form is known to destroy an entire planet, because the victim was forced to divide by zero.
  • Plus Form: After the intro part of the music is over the video has a eyefish and the spiral effect and the video goes fast, and hurts the user. It can be summonable, but it doesn't hurt the user expect the target. (Apperances - Microsoft Sam Reads Odditiful Error Messages: S1EP6)

Notable Instances

During an experiment with the Virus on Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors, WSAM0TV accidentally blew up the ThunderBirds101 TV Space Station Laboratory, resulting in Microsoft Sam saying the "Classic Profanity Line".

In Microsoft Sam Reads Stupid And Funny Signs THE NINTH, The Crazy Penguin Virus struck EmergencyRanger88tv again.

After a hiatus, the Crazy Penguin Virus returned in the video "Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Pictures for July 4th" by WSAM0TV on July 1st, 2010. The next day, in the video "A WSAM0TV PSA-July 4th Aftermath", it seems that the Crazy Penguin Virus had its new form, the Crazy Communist Rick Roll virus (or simply Crazy Communist Rick Roll'd), achieved when Microsoft Sam eats a unusually large burger and taking a massive diarrhea dump.

Lazy Polar Bear Virus

Main Article: Lazy Polar Bear Virus

Eventually, the Lazy Polar Bear Virus, the Crazy Penguin Virus's little brother, struck Microsoft Sam on Microsoft Sam reads Ridiculous Windows Errors S1EP3. This virus is very similar to the Crazy Penguin Virus, appearing when the computer mentions polar bears or relates to polar bears while the Lazy Polar Bear plays. It causes the victim to become very tired and to speak slowly. While infected, the victim will talk about how fat and lazy they are along with some gibberish here and there.